RED BULL X-Alps 2019 – A Test of Willpower HAS BEGUN!

Red Bull X-Alps is hailed as the world’s toughest adventure race. With each edition, competitors from around the globe arrive in Austria for a grueling test of the body and mind. From Salzburg, they make their way only by foot and paraglider to Monaco, navigating 1138 km of treacherous alpine terrain. Often covering distances of 100km per day, sometimes more, athletes must combine skill and strategy, while overcoming injury and fatigue. Many will accept defeat and drop out before the end, but a select few will stop at nothing to reach the finish line.

When Red Bull X-Alps officially and has kicks off on June 16, 2019, where 32 athletes from 20 countries will push their endurance hiking, trail running, mountaineering and paragliding skills to the limit. Their daily adventures in the mountains will demand the highest level of physical strength and determination. Ultimately, the competitor’s mental fortitude and race strategy will be the deciding factor. Before taking to the air each day, athletes must assess the ever-changing weather conditions and decide where and when to take off. It’s exactly this that makes Red Bull X-Alps so exciting and so unpredictable.


Red Bull X-Alps is a race for the people, not just the athletes. At the heart of the adventure lies the online Live Tracking feature, which allows fans to follow their favorite competitors in real time thanks to advanced GPS trackers. This means you can be there for every step of the race. Best of all, the user-friendly interface tells you everything you need to know about an athlete. It shows you when they’re flying or hiking and it provides detailed statistics about their speed, altitude, covered distance and a whole lot more.

Check out for more info and live tracking of the competition!

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